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Start rehearsing a new song with your a cappella group TODAY — Just download an arrangement from the catalogue, and in minutes you'll be rehearsal-ready!

The concept of Amadeus Arrangements is to give you, the a cappella musical director, everything you will need to start rehearsing a new song with your group right away. You don't need to be a master musician — all you need to have is the desire to make music with your friends.

Even if you've never directed an a cappella group before, you can get started today with all the tools you'll require, included in each arrangement you purchase from the catalogue.

What you'll get from the Songs catalogue:

• Full-Score Sheet Music in high-quality PDF arranged for voice (SSAA/SATB/TTBB)

• MIDI audio tracks in HQ ACC (m4a) format (compatible across all devices), including:

— Audio Track of entire score:

Rolling In The Deep master track sample  

— Audio Tracks of each voice part — great for rehearsal, as well as for group members to learn and practice individual parts at home:

Rolling In The Deep SOPRANO sample  

Rolling In The Deep ALTO sample  

Rolling In The Deep TENOR sample  

Rolling In The Deep BASS sample  



• Notes From The Arranger — tips on how to learn, rehearse, and perform the arrangement based on eight years of a cappella experience from six a cappella groups across the country

Just $15


Commission a Custom A Cappella Arrangement

In addition to the above materials that will come with your personalized arrangement, you'll get:

• Two free 30 min Skype video/audio consultations — one initial consultation to discuss what you would like, plus another after delivery of the arrangement for one-on-one advice, or to follow up on any changes that you would like made to the arrangement

• A custom-made a cappella arrangement designed precisely for your group's voices and blend, which will include all the same materials above (PDF, audio files, notes)


AmadeusArrangements.com wants your performance to be a wild success. That's why you can also take up the offer of additional consultations via Skype, at the rate of just $10/hr, for any questions or assistance you might need. Having arranged literally dozens of songs for several different groups that I personally have performed in and directed, I know the joys and the struggles that come with putting a performance together — the labor of love that is a cappella. Allow Amadeus Arrangements to make life a whole lot simpler for you, so you can spend more time singing and perfecting your show!


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